How to restart your Samsung Galaxy S3?

By | September 29, 2013

Lots of Samsung Galaxy S3 users complain of hang-ups and most of them blame the TouchWiz for this mishap. Which is why many think getting rid of the TW launcher will solve their problem. Which is why many even try rooting their device in order to disable/able the app.

But this will erase all your data so lets try a simple thing first.

Method – 1
If your phone has become unresponsive or is frozen just for the first time, restarting it will sort the problem.

But how do you restart a hanged phone as power button also is not working?

Simple – Just hold the power button for 8-10 seconds and your phone will restart/reboot.

Method – 2
Please note all your contacts messages and other data will be lost. This method should only be used if your phone is totally unresponsive and method 1 has failed. So copy them to your pc before doing this.

1) Press and hold down Volume up + Power button simultaneously
2) Release the buttons on seeing the SGS3 logo
3) Android system recovery will now load
4) Select the wipe data/factory reset (use the Volume buttons for up and down and to select use the Power button)
5) Select ‘Yes’ to delete all data
6) Last select Reboot System Now