6 Best WordPress Comment Plugins To Engage Audience

By | September 29, 2013

Every blogger loves to read comments on the content as it shows that they are regular visitors of the site and proper comments help improve the blog posts that they use. Comments are a very crucial part of blogging. The quantity of comments available on your blog signifies that your blog is popular amongst the masses.

There is a default comment form also available with the WordPress which visitors can use to post their comments. This type is the simple way of doing it but if you want to get a little enhancement in your form and at the same time increase the productivity of your comment form then these plugins will be helpful.

With these plugins you will change the way you do your comment form work. Today there are various comment plugins available, each having its own feature/s that will help the blogger in one way or another.

All of these plugins are free and can be downloaded to be used for your blog instantly.


If you want to build a comments platform that will help you build your active community within your website’s audience then this plugin will be useful. This plugin offers you lots of powerful tool and awesome features and most of all is very easy to install.

2. CommentLuv

If you want to encourage your community in discovering new posts then use this plugin as this plugin rewards your readers by placing a link automatically into their last blog posted at the end of their comment.

3. Livefyre Comments

Livefyre Comments plugin is free. This plugin will replace all default comments from Twitter and Facebook with the exact time conversation.

4. Thank Me Later

This plugin is more of a friendly plugin as it automatically sends an email to your commenter’s by thanking them for their comment on your blog. This might look not much but when a reader looks at the thanks email, the impact is worth it and they will definitely come back to your blog.

5. Subscribe To Comments Reloaded

This plugin is also free. This plugin sends the commenter’s a mail to follow up the comments after their comments then this plugin will be useful. This way if your commenter has any question, then they will come through the mail, if any one answers them back.

6. IntenseDebate Comments

If you want to encourage conversation on your blog and enhance them then the IntenseDebate Comments is a useful plugin. You can boost the page views, build your readers community and increase your comments.

Hope you will use any one of these plugins and let us know how it helped you increase your blog connectivity with the audiences.