How to make Link directory using WordPress?

By | September 29, 2013

If you want to either integrate from a simple link directory or want to create a stand-alone niche directory business website then a WordPress theme or WordPress directory plugin will be useful.

There are tons of WP themes and plugins on the net, you just have to decide whether you want to establish your professional directory service with the help of a premium WordPress directory theme or opt for a free directory plugin for WordPress (opt for this if you want to just merely feature your favorite links).

Fact remains everyone wants to save their money any way possible, so free plugins are the best option but free plugins are usually plagued as they are infrequently updated and they lack support. On the other side, if you are willing to pay, then if you opt for the premium WordPress directory plugins and the commercial WP directory themes you will not just get full support but they are regularly updated.

WordPress Directory Themes
1. Directory Press – Paid but most used theme.


Directory Press is a premium WordPress directory theme that will turn your boring WP blog into a professional looking website. Once this theme is installed you can either begin creating your own website listings or have your visitors to submit their own listings. Apart from running ads you can generate money from your directory’s site charging your users a fee whenever they submit you their listings. If you want a complete easy to use featured chocking website that is completely a turnkey solution then look no further, cause with this plugin you will be able to launch your very own niche directory business in a zippy.

Let you know some of the features included are Google Maps, CSV importing, over 20 different directory templates, multiple payment gateways (, PayPal, Google Checkout and 2checkout), Google analytics, Google Adsense, expiration dates for the listings, support for multiple languages, ability to sell memberships package to the customers and also star ratings, to name a just few.

2) LinkPress Nova premium directory theme for WordPress

Inspiration taken from the AllTop, theme designers at the Zidalgo have gone to real heights in creating this premium WordPress directory theme. It definitely gives a modern touch to the old link directories that are of the past incorporating bulk of slick designed elements. The features that are included are image gallery, automatic generated thumbnails images, rating system for posts and threaded comments.

3) City Guide

A creation of the Woothemes, this is another premium WordPress directory plugin which is more an off-site directory targeting the location based business. The City Guide local directory theme is a very elegant designed plugin with some awesome features like it has the ability to geo-tag post with the locations. Some of the other notable features are Google maps, built-in- SEO options, custom fields to add any extra information on the location, custom widgets and multiple theme styles.

WordPress Directory Plugins
Business Directory

This is a free directory plugin that allows you to add your business link registry to any page onto your current WP blog. If you are running a WordPress membership site then this will be a great way to offer free listings members and readers. Each listing has its own summary, website title and link. The user just has to fill a form, select a category and add the related keywords in order to be included in the business directory. The submitted listings are then held back for moderation, so the administration can edit or delete. Once the listing is approved, it gets added to the AJAX enabled directory list. The listings are then accumulated and then can be easily searched by any user.

Article Directory

Article directory is a free WordPress plugin that lets you transform your current WP blog into an article directory on which visitors who want to become authors can submit their articles on your site. This plugin works in combination with the Role Manager plugin and the Articles Directory theme plugin. Features included in this plugin are author profile pages with listed articles, ability to create article categories, stat the author listed on your site and gives you report if the total published articles on your site.

Open Links Directory

If you want to transfer your WP blog into a free online link directory then the Open Links Directory plugins is just what you need. This free plugin allows visitors to add their website by using the submission form, then assign a category/subcategory, add the description and finally give their link a title. This plugin gives the ability to send the listings to your friends add listings to your browser’s bookmarks, display the PageRank for each of the directory listing and the ability to search the directory

One of these plugins will definitely be of help for you. If you know any more do let us know