5 Chrome Add-Ons Which Every Webmaster Must Have

By | September 10, 2011

Every webmaster has a plethora of tools that get them through the day. While there are thousands of different ones, here are some essential tools that we feel every webmaster should have installed.

1. LastPass Chrome Add-On
A webmaster will typically need to remember passwords to literally hundreds of different websites. They can either keep them all the same, attempt to remember lots of different passwords, or use LastPass. In this add-on, you make one master password and let the extension manage your logins for you. What’s best is that you can install it on your desktop, laptop, and any other device which you use and it will sync.

2. Twitter Bird Chrome Add-on
A lot of webmasters use Twitter to promote their webpages, so it’s helpful if you can easily access your Twitter updates and notifications. The Twitter Bird Chrome Addon will add a Twitter drop down menu to your web browser, so you can click on it to check the latest from Twitter! As well as reading what everybody else has been writing, you can easily post updates and links yourself.

3. SEO Site Tools Chrome Add-On
This is essentially an all-in-one chrome extension that helps webmasters with their SEO endeavors. My favorite part of it is the nofollow highlighter which will tell you if a website is adding the ‘nofollow’ tag to their links, essentially making the value of a backlink close to zero.

4. Facebook Chrome Add-on
Facebook is the favorite social networking site of many people, and lots of webmasters find it useful for promoting their websites and pages. With millions of people logging in and out of Facebook every day, it’s a great way to get more people clicking on your links. Like the Twitter Bird Chrome Addon, it will add a drop down menu to the top of the web browser. You can post each webpage as you publish or update it, and then check to see if anyone’s impressed with your work!

5. Google Toolbar Add-On
This is the official toolbar from Google. It integrates seamlessly, provides valuable information like PageRank, Alexa ranking, translation, and lots more. The Google Toolbar is certainly an essential for any webmaster that targets Google for traffic.