Top 5 Internet Explorer Add-Ons Everyone Should Have

By | September 13, 2011

Browsers have seen a reassuring amount of improvements over the past four years. Ever since Firefox became popular and Chrome emerged as the fastest browser it seems that all of the companies in the browser game want to increase their own market share. Among the improved browsers is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which is not the same clunky and depressing browser of the past but a fairly quick one with great add-ons. If you happen to be an IE8 user, here are some add-ons which we think are ‘must have’.

IE7ProVisit Website
Although the name of this add-on says ‘IE7’, this add-on works for version 8 as well. This is your basic all in one pack and provides such services as pop-up blocking, spell-checking, text highlighting, tabbed browsing management, crash recovery, and much more.

LastPassVisit Website
This add-on is incredible for anyone who uses lots of passwords and doesn’t mind trusting those passwords to a (reliable) company’s encryption techniques. You set a master password and then tell LastPass to remember all of the logins that you use and you can instantly sign into your favorite websites without the annoying sign-in procedure.

YoonoVisit Website
This is really cool. It’s a browser-based multi-protocol messaging client. Log in to Facebook, Twitter, AIM, MSN, GTalk, Skype, and more from your browser so you don’t have to deal with multiple annoying programs on your computer.

Web of TrustVisit Website
This simply checks the URLs on a search against a database of known insecure websites. Surf the internet with no worries with this add-on.

Define With WikipediaVisit Website
If you are like me and are constantly looking to Wikipedia to learn extra things about what you read then you will love this add-on. This is nothing too fancy, just a quick Wikipedia search tool based on your highlighted text.

Although those are my top five, there are many other great tools out there to help your browsing experience. Head over to Microsoft’s add-on website and check them out.