Tricks for using Google Plus

By | August 4, 2011

Hot Keys to use Google Plus more comfortably.

a)      Using the “j” key or “k” key we can move from one post to other post  where “ j” key is for moving to a forward post and “k” key is for moving to a  back post.

b)      Use the “j” and “k” keys in dropdowns like notification dropdown where  “j” is for moving up and “k” is for moving down.

c)      Press “q” key we can jump to Google+ chat box.

d)      Press “q” key twice in the home page allows us to find people and add them in chat list.

e)      Press Esc key to close notification window.

f)       Press Tab moves through the users and comments in a post.

g)      Press Enter/Return to start a comment.

h)      Press Tab and Enter/return to submit comment.

i)       Press Tab twice and then Enter will delete comment.

j)       Press Space Bar to scroll down.

k)      Press Shift and Space Bar to scroll up.

l)     We can tag anyone in post by adding “@” or “+” in front of their name. This will create a notification in their profile that they were added (tagged) and will create a link to their profile. Adding name in Enclosing brackets will provide exact search for the person.  For example: +”David”.

m) Press “+” instead of “+1” button on a post.

n) Press “-” for removing your “+1” from a post.

o) Press “s” for sharing a post.

p) Press “e” for expanding the older comments on a post.

q) Press “p” for toggle (hide / show) “+1” on your post.

Hot keys for Navigation.

i)          Press “g” and “h” for redirecting to Home page.

ii)         Press “g” and “p” for redirecting to Profile.

iii)         Press “i” and “i” for going to photos.

iv)        Press “i” and “p” for going to photos from phone.

v)         Press “i” and “m” for going to photos of me.

vi)        Press “i” and “a” for going to photo album.

vii)       Press “g” and “i” for incoming**

viii)       Press “g” and “n” for notifications

Incoming = People who have added you but are not added in your circle.

Hot keys for Edit Settings.

i)      Press “e” and “e” for Edit settings.

ii)     Press “e” and “l” for Edit Languages.

iii)    Press “e” and “d” for Edit data

iv)    Press “e” and “a” for linked accounts

v)     Press “e” and “p” for edit privacy.

vi)    Press “e” and “g” for edit general.

1) Have you ever used the formatting commands in Google talk? If yes then here is good news for you.

Formatting commands in Google+ is same as that of Google talk.

a)  For Italic

_italic text_    =    italic text

b)  For Bold

*bold text*   =   bold text

c) For Strike through

-strikethrough text-    =    strikethrough text

d) For Italic and Bold text

_*italic bold text*_  =     italic bold text

We can also use Unicode characters in comments or post:  Ήΐ!!! ħоŵ ѓ ự?

2)      “+1” Button in Google Plus is like a voting counter. If you appreciate a post click the “+1” button and that makes the post recommendable to others and also gets added in “+1” Tab on your profile so that you can read it at any moment. In a Post the “+1” button acts same as the “like” in Facebook. If you appreciate the post press “+1” and if you want to remove your “+1” from the post click the “+1” button again. Pressing “+1” button again will delete your “+1” vote from that post.

3)      “+1” Button is an easy way to set your favorites and manage the never ending list of your favorites on web. You can also set the viewing (want to share with friends, or everyone on web or private) of your “+1”Tab on your profile.

4)      Bored of notification? Google Plus has a solution. Now you can mute your notification too.Click on notification select the notification you want to mute and press “mute this post” option on    the right end of the cascaded window.

5)      Google Plus arranges the post on top of your stream whenever there is a new comment or “+1”. If you are tired of this here’s the solution select that post and click on the small arrow on top of that post a cascade window will open and then select “Mute this post option”.

6)      You can also receive notification on your mobile in SMS form. All you have to do is Click the “gear” icon which is at the right of the screen in Google+ then select Google+ settings. Click the “Google+” tab and click “Add phone number” under that Enter your mobile number, Select Country press “Send verification code” button. Google will send a verification code at your mobile number. Enter that code in Verification Code box.

7)      You can manage the viewing of your post. If you don’t want to share your post click the small arrow at top right of that post. A cascade window will appear and click “Disable reshare”.

8)      We can share our post with everyone even if they are not signed in to Google+ just by Clicking on timestamp, we will get a permanent link to that post which can be share by everyone.

9)   We can search all the post written or shared by us on Google+ from Google by using  “ unique Google+ ID)”Google ID is the series of number that can be seen in the URL when you are on your profile.

10)  We can also enjoy private conversation with a friend or group of friends by sharing an post like always just  remove “public” and other circles from the share box of  the  post do disable “resharing” and tag the friends using “@” or “+” before their names. Tagged friends will get notifications and you can communicate with them via comments in that post.

11)  Circle: You can add friends in groups known as circle and set their visibility. All people in a circle can view other added persons in the same circle. You can set circle settings by making it public so that everyone can see who all are added in a circle. In short you can make many circles according to your choice like family, school friends, college friends etc. And if you want to keep your circle private that means no one can know that who is added in that circle this is visible only to you and the added persons. You can do this by clicking “Private” in circle settings.

12)If we want  some circle to be on top of other circle start name them with a dot or period (“.imp”) asterisk will be the next in queue (“*good”) i.e. the one which starts with asterisk will appear after dot.

13) To copy all the persons in a circle into other circle click “view circle in tab” select “More actions” and “Select all” and now you can drag all selected person to other circle. To select more than one person press ctrl or shift or make a selection box by dragging from one point to other.

14) On a circle page if you want to view many people on the circles press ctrl and minus (-). To view everything in normal size press ctrl and plus (+). We can view the profile of a person just by Double click on that person name at circle page.

15)To get a graphical effect to see who is inside the circle hover your mouse on a circle that contain minimum 30 persons in it and then scroll with your mouse wheel , the persons face in a circle will rotate like merry-go-round.

16) Photo Editing is easy just open image from “photo” tab click “Action” and select “Edit Photo”. We will get various color and special effects. We can also view and share our photos stored on picasa through Google’s Picasa Web Albums site.

17)If  you want to view how your profile looks to others just go to “Profile and privacy” option of Google plus settings and type anybody’s name in the box named as “See how your profile appears to other users” and press “Preview” .

18) If we want to check who all can see the post just go to top of the post you will see “Public” or “limited”, click on “limited”. “Limited” is a link to check all those who can view the post. We can’t share Limited posts publicly but can share it with other individuals and circles.

19) There is a triangle and circle menu at the top of each post this menu allows us to delete, edit post disable commenting and resharing for the post written by us whereas it allows to report abuse, mute, post, or block the person for the post written by others.

20) Tagged photos are public because we can’t disable resharing for the photos which are tagged. Tagged person can view the entire album in which he has been tag and further they can also tag anyone.